09:15 – 09:20
    Welcome Remarks by HKIHRM
- Lawrence Hung, President, HKIHRM
09:20 – 09:55
    Lightbulb Session – Talent Management After the Pandemic: Key Insights and Trends for the Future

In the lightbulb session, the guru speaker will highlight benchmark data showing the state of talent management prior to the pandemic and the impact that the pandemic has had on a variety of HR practices and programs.

The speaker will cover emerging trends in talent management that are impacting organisations today and will continue to influence HR strategy in the future. The cutting-edge topics like new styles of leadership potential beyond traditional thinking, the introduction of the "talent marketplace" via technologies and culture change driving greater transparency, and empowerment for employee growth and career development.

Finally, the speaker will discuss the role of AI and its impacts, how integrated platforms connect data together to drive new insights, and the increasing importance of DEI on a global stage. The session aims to provide thought-provoking insights to develop in-depth talent strategies for the organisations.

- Dr Allan H. Church, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Maestro Consulting LLC
09:55 – 10:35
    Panel 1 – Challenges and Solutions on Attracting and Retaining Talents

Panellists will share their experiences on how they have had to become innovative in formulating talent attraction strategies. This session offers a unique opportunity to learn from top HR professionals and tap into the minds of business leaders as they navigate the challenges of a manpower shortage. The interactive discussion is designed to engage the audience and draw out key insights on attracting and retaining talents in Hong Kong.

- Honnus Cheung, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder, On-us Company Limited; 2023 Annual Conference Organising Committee Member, HKIHRM
- Vivien Lau, Chief Executive, Jardine Aviation Services Group
- Mei Mei Ng, Head of Talent Solutions, Hong Kong and Taiwan, LinkedIn Hong Kong
- Richard Van Westing, Head of Select Service Hotels (Asia-Pacific), Hyatt Hotels Corporation

- Roy Ying, Programme Director, BBA-Marketing and Senior Lecturer, Department of Marketing, School of Business, The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong; Co-chairperson, Advocacy and Policy Research Committee, HKIHRM
10:35 – 10:45
    Address by Guest of Honour
- Chris Sun, JP, The Secretary for Labour and Welfare, Labour and Welfare Bureau, HKSAR
10:45 – 10:55
    Opening Ceremony
10:55 – 11:30
11:30 – 12:05
    HR Tech - Reshaping HR in the AI Era: A Human-Centered Approach to Leveraging Generative AI

  • Understanding AI in HR: Bringing Innovation to Traditional Practices
  • Practicality of AI in HR
  • Balancing Human Judgement and AI Tools in Effective HR Management


- Portia Tang, Director, Head of Payroll & HR Outsourcing and Professional Resources Solutions, BDO
- Christy Lam, Principal, Professional Resources Solutions, BDO
- Andrew Yung, Senior Manager, Digital Advisory Services, BDO
12:05 – 12:20
    Keynote 2 – How to Attract and Retain Diverse Talent with a Sustainable DEI Culture

This keynote will highlight opportunities to attract and retain talent, especially using DEI as a way to reach diverse communities in a rapidly evolving workplace and in the marketplace, and how creating psychological safety will be a key factor in building a sustainable workforce of the future.

- Sudesh Thevasenabathy, AVP, Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Asia, Manulife International Limited
12:20 – 13:00
    Panel 2 – Unleashing the Potential of Different Local Workforce

To further relieve the tension of talent shortage in Hong Kong, how to leverage different local workforce has become another essential way to drive sustainable business growth. This panel will center around the importance of welcoming and inclusive work environment that encourages diversification of local workforce. It brings together panellists with diverse backgrounds, will examine the demographics of local market and challenges facing for social acceptance, share their experience and success stories in creating a diverse workplace culture for engaging local workforces ultimately leads to an integrated talent pool for sustainable business development in Hong Kong.


- Rachel Cartland, Former Board Member, The Women’s Foundation
- Tina Ko, Vice President Human Resources, Asia Pacific, Mattel
- Jovy Wong, Talent Development Leader, Greater China, Ernst & Young (EY)
- Peter Wong, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Dialogue In The Dark (HK) Foundation Limited

- Elizabeth Fung, Head of Public Affairs, Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area, HSBC
13:00 – 14:30
     Light Buffet Lunch will be served
14:30 – 14:45
    Keynote 3 – Redefining Employability and Fostering Value-Based Future-makers for Social Impact

Perhaps most of the youths nowadays are not "employable"? Or at least not in a way that we got used to in the past? The world is changing disruptively seemingly everyway, so is our next generation. The youths are the value-based future makers and could only be mobilised with visions and be engaged with values. The speaker of the session will try to exemplify some of the ways to enhance and empower youth engagement, with examples in the social start-ups and the impact world to illustrate how we can redefine employability and support young people in building meaningful career prospects.

- Francis Ngai, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Social Ventures Hong Kong
14:45 – 15:25
    Panel 3 – Enhancing and Empowering the Employability of Future Leaders

Join us for an engaging discussion on the future of youth employment and development. Our esteemed panellists will ignite thought-provoking conversations by sharing the latest trends and insights on how to empower and equip young people with the skills and support they need to succeed. You will gain valuable knowledge on innovative youth schemes and programmes, leading you to discover how you can contribute to building a brighter and more sustainable future for generations to come.

- Vivian Choi, Chief Executive Officer, Junior Achievement Hong Kong
- Maria Hui, Chief Operating Officer, Microsoft Hong Kong
- Anysia Wong, Student, The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong
- Geoffrey Yau, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Moovup (HK) Limited

- Kris Lui, Vice President, Human Resources, Asia Pacific, Dr. Martens; Executive Council Member, HKIHRM
15:25 – 15:50
    Inspirational Talk – Personal Stories of Embracing Critical Changes in Career Path [Cantonese Session]

This is an inspiring session on the power of embracing changes in your career path. Our inspiring speaker will share the personal stories of critical changes and the successes and lessons learned along the way. You may discover how he overcame challenges and made bold moves to achieve his goals and gain valuable insights on how you can navigate your own career path with confidence and resilience.

- Wong Kam Po, HKACED Ambassador, Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Athletes Career & Education Department


- Judy Kong, Chief Executive, InspiringHK Sports Foundation
15:50 – 16:00
    Closing Remarks
- Andy Luk & Vincent Wu, Co-Chairpersons, 2023 Annual Conference Organising Committee, HKIHRM
16:00 – 16:45
     Networking Cocktails & Lucky Draw
     End of event
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